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Buddy Journal

What is it?
This is a printed copy of the threaded email communication between two EDM300 students, who are discussing an article on technology integration. The article must be from a professional educational journal.
How many are required?

Who chooses the article?
Student A chooses the first article and student B the next.
(see course syllabus for journal suggestions)

What type of articles should be read?
One of the buddy journals must discuss an article that focuses on the social, ethical and equity issues associated with the use of technology in the classroom.  The second can focus on any aspect of the incorporation of technology into the classroom, however you may want to choose one that discusses the use of technology in your subject area (e.g. special needs adaptive technology; enhancement of multi-cuturallearning by the use of technology).

What are the steps required to complete the journal?

    1. Student A chooses an article and emails the title to Student B.

    2. Student B emails A confirming that he/she has found the article and is reading it.

    3. Student A will write a summary of the article,and ask Student B three questions regarding the important educational issues addressed.

    4. Student B will answer the questions and will also comment on how this information may or may not impact their own future teaching.

    5. Student A will comment on B's answers and add their own views on how the information will effect their future teaching.

    6. Student B may respond to A's comments or not.

    7. One copy of the threaded email should be submitted on the required date. Each student must put a copy of both the article and the journal in their resource book.

Due dates:
Journal 1 February 7, 2000
Journal 2 February 21, 2000
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