byrneslessonppt Mary M. Byrnes
Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Slide 1  Lesson Title; names; class time; date

Slide 2  Lesson's objectives - ABCD

Slide 3*  Academic subjects addressed; ISTE standards met; mutiple intelligences addressed, level of Blooms reached (may be different for each activity)

Slide 4*  Media, Methoeds and Material used to present the information - if a webquest, slideshow, hyperstack, was created to present info. to the students you should multitask(use a hyperlink to the program) to it and show it to the EDM300 class

Slide 5*  Sample of completed student activities

Slide 6*  Copy of rubric/other assessment tool for each student activity

*Create additional slides if there is too much info for one slide

Additonal Notes

1.  In order to take a screen shot on a Macintosh:
Press shift+3+apple(control)key.  This will put picture of your screen onto your hard drive called Picture #-  When you are in Power Point you can simply open a blank slide and insert the picture from the file on the hard drive.  If you want to trim the picture insert it into Appleworks paint, use the selector tool to copy the portion you want, and then paste it into a blank PP slide

2.  In Windows, simply click on the the print screen button on your keyboard.  This will put the picture on your computers clipboard and you can paste it whereever you want it.  If you want to trim it, paste it in the paint program(Start>programs>accessories>paint,use the selector tool to copy the portion you want, and then paste it into a blank PP slide

3.  If you want to record your voice to HS, KP or PP use one of the IMAC computers.  Check the control panel--monitor/sound and make sure mute isn't checked and that the sound in is set to built in mic.  If you want better quality sound, use an external mic (ask lab assistant for one)  and put it in the side of the IMAC.  Make sure the sound in is set to external mic.
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