byrnesportfolio Mary M. Byrnes
Due November 30th in resource binder; use plastic protector sheets.  Include a cover sheet and a table of contents

1. Original and corrected copy of the parent's letter
2. Original and corrected copy of the grade book (ss)
3. Newsletter
4. Video script and storyboard-each person needs a copy
5. Printed copy of the copyright slide show (6 slides/page)
6. Internet assignment-only the virtual field trip
7. Software evaluation
8. Inspiration diagram and outline on nonprojected visuals

Due December 7th-2 copies each in a separate folder
9. Final lesson plan
  -cover sheet
  -typed copy of final Assure lesson plan
  -a copy of any handouts that would be used during the lesson
  -printed copy of PP lesson presentation (6 slides/page)
  -handout for EDM 300 class (printed outline of PP lesson  presentation plus summary)
  -a copy of any webquest, filamentality webs, slide presentations, HyperStudio stacks, etc. that were created to present info
  -a completed copy of each student project
  -a copy of the rubric or other evaluation that would be   used to assess each student project
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