byrnesresource EDM300 - Byrnes - Resource Book
Resource Book contents:
  (Please put a Table of Contents for each section and one at the front of the book)

Section 1
 Syllabus, Class list, scehdule
  Study guide for midterm
  Guidelines for Final lesson

Section 2 -buddy Journal
 Buddy Journals and copies of articles (if the journal can not be copied, you must give me the author,title,name of the journal,issue and pages as well as the url address if it is on line.

Section 3 -Text and class notes, handouts
  Notes on Chapters 1-9,15 and one integration chapter and class notes--can be hand written
  Lecture handouts:
  Objectives; IMC; Assure Model
  Dale's cone, Multiple Intelligence
  Non projected visual(Inspiration)
  Design, Rubrics
  Educational software ppt. outline-copy from lab
  How to record; Handcam reference card
Section 4 -Comments and Assignments
Put at least a two sentence comment on the following things that were done in class or for homework
  -Mac Quiz; Venn diagram; Paper exercise; Buddy journal;
  -Intro to AppleWorks, parent's mailmerge letter, grade book
  -Internet assignment and downloads-which did you feel were the most helpful?
  -Software assignment
  -The textbook
  -KidPix; Hyperstudio; Inspiration
  -Write a comment on the following and include the assignment paper for : Newsletter, Video Project, Internet Assignment and Copyright PowerPoint 

Section 5 -Downloads from the Internet
  Internet Search Strategies ppt. outline
  Mark Twain assignment
  Internet: search engines,email etiquette,citing resources
  ISTE standards/profiles for your grades
  Filamentality-what is it? Copy of a sample treasure hunt
  Webquest-what is it? One sample
  Virtual field trip- main list and guidelines, sample
  Trackstar-one in your subject area
  Schrock index

Section 6 -Lesson Plans
  3 from CD, etc. (9/21/00 assignment)
  1-Connected Teacher
  1-Quia activity
  1-Thanksgiving Day Activity

Section 7 - Computer handouts
 MacDesktop Quiz/key shortcuts;Venn Diagram/saving your work
  Intro to AppleWorks exercise; AppleWorks database& mailmerge; AppleWorks spreadsheet
  HyperStudio; HS Tutorial
  KidPix; PowerPoint
Section 8-Portfolio
  See portfolio link below
Useful links
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