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19 September

G'Day from down under!!!

Hope you have not run off the sub yet.

Spent 4 hours in meetings and still have more tomorrow.

Wrestling starts in a few days so I will have more info then.  The weather this morning was so cool, I needed a jacket to walk to the train station.  Warmed up to about 70 but still quite comfortable.

I will have plenty of pictures when I return.  

20 September

Spent another day preparing for wrestling to begin.  The Aussies are an incredibly polite group of people.  They are bending over backwards to accommodate our requests.

Action gets hot and heavy on Saturday.  I am looking forward to actually beginning the competition since it will mean the time when I am sitting matside and up close and personal with the action.

21 September

More meetings and more time to meet the athletes - saw about 75 wrestlers and coaches from Iran and other Middle East countries this afternoon.  Many looked like they were ready to compete and some still were in awe of the whole show.

Looking forward to tomorrow because we start the real work then. 

22 September

Spent 2 hours learning how they want the computer system to work.  It took me 10 minutes to find a problem IBM had not considered.  The curse of the computer geek.  Things are almost ready to begin.  We begin weighins Saturday night here and will have competition beginning bright and early Sunday.  We are heading out to see the Opera House sometime today so it'll be a photo op I am really excited about. 

26 September

Sorry I have not written sooner.  This week has been crazy trying to get the competition started.  Weather is a bit cooler and damper but still beautiful.  Check out the wrestling and send me an email if you see me.

29 September

Thanks for all the emails about the wrestling segments on TV.  I told you guys I was not just leaving for 2 weeks.  I told you it was for real!!  Incredible wrestling and we aren't finished yet.  The freestylers started yesterday and things are faster paced than before.  The US has a couple of good chances for medals and I plan on being in the same spot that evening as well.

Need to run but I will update the site soon.

Remember, your final depends on the sub report.
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