ca2 Ms. McKenna
AHS at Seminole Community College  

Friday October 20, 2000

To see the Assignments for Word go to
K:\ComApp\ComApp Assignments
Monday October 16, 2000

Welcome to Computer Applications class. My name is Ms. McKenna.  This page will be used to help you with your assignments.  On the first day of class we will do the following:

o Part One: Introduce ourselves
--Name (What you want to be called?)
--Where from now and originally?
--How long at the Adult High School?
--What prompted you to choose the Adult High School?
--Tell about your computer background.  What do you know how to do?  What do you not know how to do?
--If money were not an obstacle, what is one thing you would like to do before you leave the earth?

o Part Two:  View the class syllabus. It is found at K:\Comp App\Casyl.ppt

o Part Three: Format a disk to use in the class.  If you miss this part, there is a powerpoint lesson on how to format a disk.  Use the Find feature on the Start menu.  It is called Format and is on the K: drive.

o Part Four: Take a short diagnostic test. (You are not expected to know this.)
--Open MS Word
--Answer the questions in Part One using COMPLETE SENTENCES so that I would know what the original question was.  This is to demonstrate your language skills.  As a high school student I will expect you to be able to construct a complete sentence.
--Save this document to your disk as personal.doc
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