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¡Bienvenidos a los estudiantes de Español 1!

This page was created to assist you in learning Spanish.  It contains games to help you to learn vocabulary, grammar, geography, and culture.  Have fun while learning!

Spanish is fun, but also takes a lot of effort in order to master it. Here are some tools that will aid you in your journey toward becoming a speaker of Spanish. Each year there will be new adventures to share. The trick is not falling behind along the way.


NOTE: In order for the games to run correctly, you will need to download JAVA.
My Quia activities and quizzes
ESP 1 Bravo I, Lec 2/Unidad 2
ESP 1 La familia
ESP 1 Bravo I Unidad 2 VIVIR
ESP I Family relationships
ESP I Las actividades, Unidad 4
Sports and Recreation
ESP I Conjugation of -ar, -er, & -ir verbs
¿A qué deporte juegas?
Fun with the verb jugar
Las actividades
Can you win the million pesos?
ESP I Conjugation of -ar, -er, & -ir verbs: session -ar, -er, -ir quiz session
El tiempo y las estaciones
Grammar -- identify the part of speech
Los números
En la sala de clase
Classroom Vocabulary
El Día de los Muertos Scavenger Hunt
El Día de los Muertos Scavenger Hunt
El Día de los Muertos Vocabulary
Learn vocabulary associated with el Día de los Muertos
Bravo 1, Unidad 3, Lección 1
La comida en la escuela
Useful links
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