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Welcome everybody!  Come on in and have fun while you learn.
Right now we are working hard on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and scanning in preparation for the reading test.  Try the links below and let me know what others you would like to see here.

Remember you have homework EVERY NIGHT!  You have to read one-half hour EVERY NIGHT and write a one sentence summary of what you read in your writer's notebook.  Also you have to add an entry in your writer's notebook EVERY NIGHT!  Entries can be "rememberings", "noticings", quotes, daydreams, poems, songs, complaints, rejoicings, etc.  I can ask to check your writer's notebook any day so be sure and keep it up.


"The Game"
Chasing the ball
getting hit by a ball that comes fast as a comet
so much pain
excruciating pain, but
then again so much
fun kicking and sliding.

As I kick  the ball I feel like Hercules
kicking the ball
no goal, so disappointed
But then again
enjoying the game.

"Walls"   Chris L.
These trapped walls
force people to
do crazy things
they hurt
they pressure
these walls stop people
from doing fun stuff
and they’re tall
they fall
these walls guard
people from going anywhere
why must they hurt?

"No More Pain" 
riding my bike,
jumping over pools.
Getting speed,
chain pops out,
Lying on the ground
like a rock
wanting to cry,
(Is anybody looking?)
pain like I got beat
up by five kids.
I want no more pain.

A new born baby
big and cute
a new member
a boy too
sweet and soft
with blue eyes.
Born near the ocean
with the smell of baby lotion
what a wonderful baby we have.


Want to cry
Happy to be hugging with softness.
Tears to feel running down my cheek
heart breaking in half
always to be crying
but now that he is gone
he’s dead for me.
No more to cry
He is not worth
crying or begging for.

Easter has come
birds have sung
sounds of heaven
like early sun.
twee, twee, twee
that’s how it goes
pink and purple petals in holy stream
down falls petal into land of spring
in land of spring
things sing, sing, sing
if not
then bells shall ring
it rings, rings, rings
for the king
of spring, spring, spring
when it rings the king, king, king
falls to spring.

"Alone Again" 
Together once again,
but not for long.
Talking, laughing together,
but so much pain.

When the sun goes
they go.
The moon comes, pain comes.
Alone again
Gone today, Gone forever.

"Little Bunny" 
Holding you close to me
your little nose
twists against my face.

I want to see you jump
Chewing on your little carrot
I like it when you smell
like candy.

"Perfect boat…" 
This boat that we just built is
just fine and don’t try to tell us it’s
not.  The sides and the back are divine
it’s the bottom I guess we forgot…

"Cooking Cat" 
Smell like trash
repulsive smell
between my house and theirs
"Dinner Time"
people chewing,
tasting the smelly cat.
Eating cat’s skin
I feel like throwing up.

"Once I Saw You"  
I see you
my heart starts to cry
I see you
I burst into tears

You made me cry
when you said
"I don’t love you"
I still cry
but not for you anymore.

Sun so bright, singing birds
Go away, shiny stars bright
Again, the night has passed by.
Crystalline water, it’s what I see
Life is what I need, the beautiful World is what I’m around
Knowing that God is what keeps
Me so bright knowing that all
Could change
always be prepared life
Could bring surprises to all.

As I listen to your voice
and I look into your brown eyes
I admire your cute face
And I imagine us in marriage
I look at your strong arms
I am in love with you
but you have "Leticia"
What can I do?
I ask myself every day
what will happen to my life
Will you ever be mine?
I’m deeply in love with you
but my heart is getting torn piece
by piece slowly
"cause you’re not mine!

"Walking Home"
I’m walking home,
through the gutter
And all of a sudden
I fall into a
puddle of water

I’m all wet
with dirty water
And everyone
Around me is
laughing at me.

up from the puddle
the disgusting water clung
to me
like the laughing scum
that will only
come off with time.

"What Can I Say" 
What can I say when you leave
me like this crying and suffering
for you!!
If you would only give me a minute to ask you if you
love me as before?
I feel sad I need someone to listen to me
What could I do?
Don’t let go!!
I love you

"Sadness I Feel" 
No talking, no laughing,
not going anywhere
just quiet or crying
or just hearing
your own
self breathing

hold on to your
self and never let go.

"What Will Happen" 
Sitting alone
Wondering what will happen
What will happen?
I know
I will ask him . . .Yes! I did it
I asked him
and he said
yes! Yes!

I need someone  
a complement, help!!
I need company
talking to someone
Getting everything out
Spending time together
I need to trust someone
I need a break
comprehending my choices
Different opinions
Free advice
Share experiences
Being there always for each other

"It’s All About You" 
As I listen to
"Stand by Me,"
All of a sudden
you pop into my mind.
As I read my writer’s
notebook, I saw you
all the time
everything I do
without you seems
to be wrong
It don’t make
sense, It don’t
make sense.
I Love you
so much that
I’m afraid.

Blue waaves crest
against sharp brown rocks
as the clock coninually tocks
the waves rise and fell
around the clock
on the sharp brown rocks
Around the clock
beats continually rock
as the waves continuously
rise and fell
I continue to sleep
down the hall.

"My First Sight"  
I first him
in a concert. . .
lots of noise
fine boys
and tight toys
I saw him
told him
I’m his number 1 fan
I really do wanna be
the best.

"Jealousy, Jealousy"  
But I. . .
But I don’t hate
hate those
who look fly
so don’t hate,
they get nowhere
So be aware
if you hate
you will also have a date
with a hater.

"My New Cars"  
I bought a Monte Carlo scratched
it up and felt such sorrow
nobody had money for me to
borrow sold it and bought
a volkswagon it broke down
while I was driving up a hill
I was climbing I rented a Cadillac and I was rolling
parked my car and it was
stolen I have no luck
with cars.

"Be Smart"  
There once was a guy named Atman
He ate and ate and ate,
because he didn’t have a date
when ever he walked by
people thought he was  high.
But when he became smart
people didn’t think he was a fart.
When he graduated from college
she said to himself I got great knowledge
but when he got in a fight
People said "You ain’t tight"
so he left with the pack
and never came back
School is great
Don’t hate.

As the symbol
of death,
Takes away
the old
man’s breath
the songbird
sings no
more in
the casket
with no
life in
his basket
Death takes
it’s toll and the
spirits free
his soul.

I’m somebody
can you see
I’m different
but I bleed
I’m somebody
can you see
I’m Native American
and African American that
just wants to be
like the eagle too

I see
just me
I care as a master
cares for her young
I love as a book I
can’t put down
I bleed like anyone
but why do I feel
I’m me

"Foot Song" 

I like it my foot go du nu du nu duu
Body make my foot go du nu du nu duu
Let me see my foot go du nu du nu duu
Girl I know you wanna see my foot go du nu du nu duu
That foot, foot, foot, foot

I think I say it again
I have feet like a truck,(truck,truck)
Feet like what (what, what)
All night long, let me see my foot. . .

"The World Is It so Great"  
World, world, is it so great you have people
you love and people you hate wars in every
continent too it is too much what can
the president do He tries to stop a war
here and there and because of the stress
he grows gray hairs.  World world, is it so great
not my definitions of great but more of hate.

My heart hurts so bad,
I feel like. . .
my life is flushed down da drain,
just like dem people,
who smoke cocaine.

I don’t know what to do
my life is so miserable:
at school I walked
to the wrong class,
at home I forget the time
when I cook food.
I am so confused.

"Friendship Of Love"  
An angel brought us together
for us to be friends forever.
In the best times and in the worst times
Our love is forever.
I will be there for you
like you’ve been there for me
And I thank you
for being the best of friends
there could ever be.
You would make me happy
when I was blue.
But I would smile just by looking at you
You see my friend it was meant to be
That’s why I fell in love with you.

"My Homework"  

Homework, homework
too much homework
everyday, every class
homework has to come along
"this and that" they say
you do at home. . .

Teacher says
work at home,
work independently
nothing to do around the world
but homework
homework is always here.

"Same Old Me"  
Same old me
that me I’ll be me
can’t you see
Its just same old me
Don’t want to try to be
someone unlike me
I’m not a G
Just same old me.

"My Angel"  
I see an Angel in your eyes
I see a rose in words
but yet I see impossibilities,
to you for me.

The way I know it is the Angel in me
the light I see is you
for me

What is. . .
is you and me
My angel in my life.

I wondered if I should live to see another
day I tried to stay away
from drugs, gangs, alcohol
I used to do them all
and then one day
talking to my friends my chest hurt
my life began to end
I coughed I sneezed
I took a breath
My life began to fade away
It made me stop an wonder
if I should live another day.

Brother come home
why did you go
Brother I care for you
please come back
Brother you got
me and mommy scared
Brother you been
in and out jail
brother come home
and help me out
Brother you got a son to take care of
Brother I don’t want
to see you 6 feet deep.

"My Name"  
My name my name is so tame
A famous guy got my name.  My name my name, my name is Monet

"A Child I Am" 
Here a child I am
trying to obey my folks
you see no more
referrals not sent out of class not me
any more
Here a child I am
looking up on my

"Pass By Me pass by"
I see you around-
I stare all the time
but can’t get close
I see you with him
I feel like crying
they always told me
never cry for a girl
cause not all girls are worth it.

Unsure what will happen  
on this Christmas
my cross separates me I wish, I wish
That I could be like an eagle
but the wall of my cross. . .

I say to myself
I am sure of what will happen
on this Christmas
dance all night
and day
I want no more walls.

Sitting waiting
sleeping on the
grass for a fish
to come,

3 p.m.another
getting hungry!!
6 p.m.third!!
Guess what’s for dinner!

Friends are rose petals
sooner or later some fall off
When that happens the
beauty of it is lost.

Friends ate the sunset,
what a beautiful sight
but as the sun goes down
darkness overcomes light

At the end after the sun rises again
you will see which friends are true
you'll realize
you only have a few.
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