cantoquiz Mrs. Briel
Totino-Grace High School

o To earn full credit (10 pts poss), you must make up the quiz w/in 2 days of returning to class. 
o Staple your MAKEUP QUIZ to your Quiz Sheet (folder, back of classroom).  Do 1.) and 2.) below:

o 1.) TYPE  a brief  summary of any  Canto[s] for which you missed a quizz. Integrate 2 passages smoothly into your summary: one from early, another from later in the canto.
o 2.) Select any ONE of these options:
A.  Select one note from Mark Musa's translation(you may sign out my text during a lunch or free hour…not to take home) and IN 2-3 SENTENCES, explain how it differs from one in Pinsky’s or an on-line translation.  For on-line, go to the Dante Project (look in USEFUL LINKS)
B.  Select a character from the Canto, read Musa's, Pinsky's, or some other translator's  notes, then tell whether Dante the Pilgrim feels pity or anger.  Explain his emotion.
C.  Select a character from the Canto and explain his/her history: real? fiction?
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