caphill6 Maryjo Stump, Principal
Capitol Hill School--Grade 6 Capitol Hill School

Direct instruction as well as hands on activities incorporating research approaches to the scientific method of science will be emphasized.  Bloom’s Taxonomy, Method of Inquiry, Discovery Process, Cooperative Skills, and note-taking will be major focuses.  The use of teacher and student generated rubrics will be developed to be used in the assessment process.  Each student will present an individual project at the Capitol Hill Science Fair and will experience risk-taking by having her/his project judged.  The other units we will explore will also be in line with Science Standards Guidelines for Grade 6.  Some of these units are:  Nutrition and Body Care,  Inventions, Dissecting, Adolescent Growth and Human Sexuality, Chemical Reactions, The Big River Study, and time permitting-Aerodymanics.  We will also participate in the Capitol Hill Unit about Monarch Butterflies.
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