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St. Aloysius Gonzaga  
            WEEK OF December17,2001
                 Theme - CHRISTMAS

Once again we will continue our Christmas theme. It is so full of things to do. Last week we were elves learning to do kind and secret deeds. We got to write, edit and rewrite an adventure story to the North Pole. This week we will be writing riddles and rhymes about Christmas things. We'll read The Reindeer Christmas by Moe Price about how Sants chose reindeer to pull his sleigh. Then we'll get our creative minds working and see if we can come up with other animals that might do the job as well. Santa has always heard from children before Christmas but does he ever get a Thank You afterwards? The book Thank You, Santa by Margaret Wild will tell us what happens when he gets a thank you note from a little girl.

We will surely stay busy as this keeps the anticipation at a lower level.

MATH will be a review all number facts up to and including sums to 10 both addition and subtraction. Don't forget those facts over the holidays. Timed tests will begin in January.

HOMEWORK Enjoy your family traditions and preparations for Christmas and the week off from homework except for reading! Bring out some of those old traditional Christmas stories and read, read, read!

THANK YOU for your support of our adopt a family program. Once again we were able to make a very special and happy Christmas for someone that otherwise would have none. Thanks again and God bless!

BOOK IT is due on Friday, Dec. 21. If you lose your calendar just write your times on any paper and sign it. The children really enjoy getting that free pizza coupon. A January calendar will be sent home after the Christmas break.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM FOR GRADES K-4 on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 7:00. Children should report to homeroom not before 6:45. The first graders are asked to wear pajama attire for the program. They may wear it over their clothing or as is. Please do not go out and buy anything. If your child does not have pajamas, nightgown or nightshirt they may wear t-shirts and sweats.

REMINDERS: Tuesday is out of uniform day for 50cents.
                  Early dismissal on Friday at 1:00.    Children will need to bring a nutritious snack to hold them over. We will have punch and cookies at the last part of the day.


Diane Storch
Peggy Cappel

For the newsletter for the week of January 2 please check Mrs. Storch's website.
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