carediscov Ms. Rosa Johnson

WE look forward to an enjoyable year where we learn about
Self-Esteem, Getting and Keeping a Job, Interviewing,
Community Business and Industry, and Entrepreneurship.

The following procedures are in place:

     1.  Always bring necessary materials and be on time.
     2.  Only leave your desk when given permission--
         raise your hand to ask a question.
     3.  Sharpen pencils when entering or leaving the
         classroom.  Bring two pencils.
     4.  Eating or chewing gum is not allowed.
     5.  Show respect for your classmates and never
         throw objects across the classroom.


     1.  Verbal warning
     2.  Noon/Lunch Detention
     3.  Refer to discipline code in student handbook.

     Always bring notebook.  Projects will be assigned
to followup class activities.  They should be completed
and submitted on or before due dates.  We appreciate
your cooperation while performing your job tasks.

PLEASE sign and return.

Ms. R. Johnson, Teacher

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