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This page contains information relating to careers.


An individual activity that occurs THROUGHOUT a person's aspects of our lives.

Just as life is ever changing, so are values.  VALUES evolve and continue to develop just as the individual grows and develops.


EXAMPLES include:  advancement opportunities, affiliation on the job, autonomy, benefits, change and variety, creativity, decision-making, excitemement and adventure, flexibility in work hours, helping others, and high earnings.


Interests and abilities are NOT the same thing!

You may have INTERESTS in a field or INTERESTS in common with specific professionals, but you may lack the ABILITIES necessary to be successful in this field.

You may have the ABILITY to do a number of things in which you have little interest or little interest in common with those who are in the field.

Your INTERESTS are those things that grab your curiosity; the activities that give you pleasure.

1.  What kinds of ACTIVITIES do you like?

2.  What types of WORK do you enjoy?

3.  What SUBJECTS do you enjoy studying?

4.  What kinds of PEOPLE do you enjoy being around?

Ultimately, your CAREER CHOICE will involve complex evaluation of many factors about you including personality traits and aspirations. There are a number of resources and techniques available that will help you gain more information about yourself and these factors.

See the bottom links for useful sites in helping you with your CAREER EXPLORATION!


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