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    This page is designed to act as a bulletin board for you to keep posted about assignments for 11th grade students receiving Resource Room or Consultant Teacher Services.  Keep in mind, these assignments are posted as I become aware of them.

    For the week of June 4:

SS11/Frantz -
    Mon. - "Vietnam War" Packet & "End of the War & Its Legacy" wkst.
    Tues. - "American President" Packet & STUDY FOR UNIT TEST ON WED.
    Wed. - UNIT TEST - American Foreign Policy
    Thurs. "Civil Rights" Packet
    Fri. - "Civil Rights" Packet
     NOTE - After school Regents Review sessions for US History will begin this week with Mr. Frantz in his classroom.  Sessions will be held everyday except for Fridays.

Eng.11/Bischoff -
    Mon. - In-class, on-demand writing of PART III, comparing two war poems
     Tues. -
     Wed. -
     Thurs. -
     Fri. -
Health 11 - See Mrs. Arnone's site


CourseIB/Kline -
    Mon. - Regents Review Part II - Jan 2001 - In-class,  Homework: Part I of Aug. 2000
    Tues. - In-class: Independently complete PART II on Aug. 2000, Homework: STUDY for quiz on PART I
    Wed. - QUIZ on PART I
    Thurs. - Review/Catch Up on reviewing PART I and PART II, STUDY for Quiz on PART II
    Fri. - QUIZ on PART II
CourseII/Reyngoudt - See Mrs. Arnone's site

CourseIIA/Reyngoudt -

Biology11/Finch - See Mrs. Arnone's site
Prac.Chem./Lewis -

Bus.Acct./Shapiro - All work is completed in class.  Homework is not assigned.  Class work must be made up if absent.  Student must make arrangments to stay after school to make up in class work.

CourseIII/Shapiro - see Mrs. Arnone's site

CourseIA/Kline - See Mrs. Gotham's site

Global/Bright - See Mrs. Gotham's site

Eng.10/Cusick - See Mrs. Gotham's site
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