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Florida State University Spanish Instructor
¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 1120! ¡Gracias por visitar la página de la Clase de Español 1120! Esta página servirá para ponerte al día sobre las actividades y tareas de nuestra clase para el Semestre en curso. Thank you for visiting our Spanish 1120 web page! Here you will find updates of the class activities, homeworks and some cultural event that I recommend you to attend for the Fall 2000 semester. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need help or if you have any question. There are also other TA's that will be able to work as tutors. If you need their assistance please let me know to forward you their e-mail addresses. Please scroll down and read all this information....  :-) UPDATE SEPTEMBER 23, 2000 HELPFUL REVIEW FOR QUIZ NO.2 1. Go to the bottom of this page and hit Quia Directory. 2. Choose Spanish. 3. Then you can select diferent activities to help you   review the concepts learned in class.   I suggest you to take a look to the following:       - No.1 - Basic Vocabulary       - No. 2 Verb Conjugations       - No. 8 Numbers       - N0. 9 Spanish numbers       - No. 11 Adjectives       - No. 14 1st. person irregular       - No. 15 AR verbs       - No. 17 AR verbs Quiz ENJOY.......... CULTURAL ACTIVITIES UPDATE (SEPT 23, 2000) 1. Argentinan Movies   Diffenbaugh Room 128     - TANGOS: EL EXILIO DE GARDEL (No subtitles)      Friday, September 29      3:30 pm       - TIEMPO DE REVANCHA (English Subtitles)      Friday, October 6      3:30 pm   - LA DEUDA INTERNA (English Subtitles)      Friday, October 20      3:30 pm   - CAMILA ( English subtitles)      Friday, November 3      3:30 pm   -  MUNDO GRUA (No Subtitles)      Friday, November 17      3:30 pm 2. HECHO A MANO: Mexican Flk Art from the   San Antonio Museum of Art     - At the Tallahassee Museum of Art.     -PLEASE E-MAIL ME FOR MORE INFORMATION.... 3. EVENTS FROM THE HISPANIC STUDENTS    You can contact  my Hispanic Student contact    Nashma Carrera @    for specific information.     -  September 27 - Food Bazaar at Union Courtyard     -  October 4 - Book Fair at Union Courtyard 4.  SUBLIME IMAGES: 19th. Century Mexican Retablos    Mary Brogan Museum of Art, 350 Duval St.
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