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      Last Updated: Saturday,December 9,2000

WELCOME to the official web page of Carl's Club!
    This Site will have more data later!
 I will make other sites with information
  I know how many people visit this site so try to visit alot

                    My Goal is 300 visitors by

           January 1 2009!

  Just Kidding

                   My goal really is 10 visitors by
   March 1st

    Allways go back to older Carl's Club News Sites thhere might be more news on it!
   Example: I make 5 sites you go to the newest one allways WRONG!
   Visit all the sites and i will let you know of their URL as i make them

  Also sometimes i might delete old data so be careful in remembering I will include the date if i update anything!
Allways at the top it will say: Last Updated ___________
             Thanks for Coming and helping me reach the goal

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