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Jeanette Hayes Elementary room 18
A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Dupre for buying paints and helping our class create those cute snowman shirts! Thank you to Mrs. Dittman for helping with the creating, too! We will wear these on our upcoming Holiday Field Trip. What a sight to see!

We will be learning about nonstandard measurement in many our stations this week.

Monday, December 3
Our new story is Sam's Song this week. Remember to check your child's time tracker for the vocabulary words and spelling words.

Please return the $5.50 and your permission slip for the field trip if you haven't already.

Tuesday, December 4
Please remember to be practicing those subtraction facts. We will start timed tests on subtraction this week.

Wednesday, December 5
Remember to be reading in those take-home readers. The new "Book-It" form came home last Tuesday. Let's earn those pizzas from Pizza Hut!

Thursday, December 6
Come see our completed bulletin board outside the first grade hallway. Your family's tradition is displayed on your fabric "patch". It looks great!

Friday, December 7
We will be writing letters to someone special today! Can you guess who this may be? He lives at the North Pole!

AR Points
Marly 9.1, Shehroze 15.5, Camron 26.2, Alexa 19.9, Paul Charles 52.1, Haley 26.9, Katelynn 12.5, Chandler 12.5, Brian 52.3, Beau 10.8, Amann 13, Gordon 21.8, Brandy 18.2, Max 48.1, Shannon 19.2, Gregory 16.3, Fatima 13.1, John 25.5, Emily 75.1, Alan 13.6, Mikaela 13.2, Travis 34.5, and Naimah 15.4

This is our Accelerated Reader program!

Did you know...
Chandler is working hard on using whole body listening during our instruction time. I am proud of you!

Mikaela is always smiling when she masters a new skill! Keep working hard with the decoding of new words.

Haley is remembering where punctuation and capitalization goes in her sentences. Way to go!

Alexa always uses neat handwriting on her independent work. Keep up the great work!

Paul Charles and Max are logging in many hours of reading at home. What a wonderful way to practice adding expression while you read!

Gordon always uses "whole body listening" during our instruction time. He gives 100% while learning new skills! I am all smiles!

If you are out shopping and would like to donate something to our classroom, we really need contact paper. This is the paper that covers our student written books. Any neat patterns would be great! Mrs. Levowitz and Mrs. Dittman make these books for us, but we are at a "stand-still" until we get some more contact paper. HELP!

Don't forget to send in those canned goods for our Food Drive this week. First Grade wants to win the treat! Thank you in advance for your help.

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