carsonroom110 Teacher
Rachel Carson Elementary School 4th Grade Bilingual Teacher
October 16, 2000 to October 20, 2000

Important Message: Keep practicing the Anti-Violence Chant.

  Monday:  5 times each word in cursive and place all spelling words in ABC order. Study all spelling word for Thursday's Pretest.
  Tuesday:  Look for the meaning of 10 words in the dictionary.Study all spelling word for Thursday's Pretest.
  Wednesday:   Write 10 sentences.Study all spelling word for tomorrow's Pretest.
  Thursday:Study all spelling word for tomorrow's test.

  Monday:   Practice the Anti-Violence Chant.
  Tuesday:Reading passage pages 33-34.
  Wednesday:Reading passage pages 35-36.
  Thursday:Reading passage pages 37-38.Reading comprehension test tomorrow.Also reread "I'm New Here" pages 64-79.

  Moday:   Reteach page 13.
  Tuesday:     Practice page 19. Review Red Book pages 43-54. There is a test tomorrow.
  Wednesday:  Red Book: do page 61.
  Thursday:   Practice page 22.
  Friday:   Practice page 27.

  Monday:   Read Part "C" pages 64-65.
  Thursday:   Read Part "C" pages 68-69.

Social Studies
  Tuesday:     Read the Regions book page 16-17.
  Thursday:   There will be a test on Tuesday, October 24. Study the Regions book pages 8-17.
  Friday:   Have a nice weekend!
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