Westside High School, Science Department Honors Chemistry Instructor 1st and 2nd semester
Welcome to the 1st semester chemistry page.

We will explore excellent web sites that will help you learn the basics of chemistry on this page.

Please come practice these activities as often as possible.

Also, let me know if you find a super chemistry web site.

Today while we are in the computer lab you will be playing games and taking quizzes from my site only.

Have a good time, and make sure you are working and doing your best. Remember, I am watching you.

Ms. Carswell:)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Learn Elements 1-20 and their symbols
Learn the symbols and most common oxidations states for the first twenty elements on the periodic table. This is really fun:)
List 7 GHSGT
atomic structure and symbols
List 8 GHSGT atomic structure
List 10 GHSGT chemical bonds
atomic structure
Useful links
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