carter Mrs. Carter
Valley Creek Elementary
Dear Class,
     Can you believe that we are in our second semester of school.  The 3rd grade teachers have a lot of cool and exciting things planned for you. 
     In Math, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Waddell, and I have been busy planning fun ways to learn about fractions, division,
geometry, and problem solving.
     Many of you are becoming great "Math Detectives".  As you know an expert detective looks for clues and strategies to solve the problem.  I know you have heard me say this many times but a "Great Math Detective not only looks for clues, but he also "PROVES" his answers.  I hope everybody
reaches the OLYMPICS.  Check out the leaders by looking at the Math Detective Chart in the room.  I believe their names start with an E and a P.  Many of you are right behind them.
     Science is another subject that is going to be great this semester.  You are about to start working on an "at home project" creating a invention with simple machines.  Details will be coming home soon.
    You will also be picking a Science Experiment to demonstrate in class soon.  This will be fun activity.

Mrs. Carter

Look below for some activities that you can do. There is a word search, a jumbled words activity using Science words that we've studied and COOL internet sites to go to.
My Quia activities and quizzes
jumbled word game
Coming to America
Useful links
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