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North Syracuse Junior High School 9th Grade Global History and Geography
Greetings Parents and Global History Students:

The following is the first trial run for Mr. Cary's Web-page. Here is this week's weekly agenda

Monday 11/6/00: Practice Unit Exam for Latin America.  This is a 49 item exam and students will check answers against their red packets and answers given at the end of the test. Homework: Study for your Unit Exam giving careful attention to the practice test and specific questions listed from the review section of the red packet.

Tuesday 11/7/00:Unit Test taken on Latin America.  This is a 66 item test. At the end of the exam students are to read pages 57-64 in the Global Mosaics text to begin the new unit on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wednesday 11/8/00: Show video “Africa: A History Denied”. Students answer 24 questions about the video which examines the ancient history of Africa. 

Thursday 11/9/00: Half day with an assembly in the auditorium.  No homework.

Friday 11/10/00:  No school: Veteran’s Day/Superintendent’s Conference Day. Remember that book reports are due on Monday 11/13/00

Mr. Cary’s Weekly Agenda  11/13/00-11/17/00

Monday 11/13/00 Students turn in their book reports.  Conduct Fantasy-Reality exercise on Africa.  Explain the correct answers to the 10 facts on Africa. Conclude by reading pages 13-19 in Scholastic World Cultures book.
Homework: Complete map of Africa by using page A20 in your text.

Tuesday 11/14/00 In-circle/out-circle review for political map quiz Homework: Study 25 designated  countries of Africa for Africa political map quiz.

Wednesday 11/15/00 Check Africa maps for homework. “Generaliza-tions about Subsaharan Africa” sheet read and discussed. Complete “Climate and Diversity” worksheet from pages 64-71 in Global Mosaics text. Political map quiz of 25 Africa countries.

Thursday 11/16/00 Read “Africa Before the Europeans” article and answer the questions which follow the article.  Notes on “African Kingdoms”, pp. 78-85 in Global Mosaics book and answer the questions from the sheet.

Friday 11/17/00 Jeopardy Game to review material from the week.
Test on Tuesday which covers 11/13/00-11/21/00

Book Report
For your book report you must meet the following requirements:
 The report should be at least 300 words
 The report must be typewritten/wordprocessed
 The report must be turned in by Monday (11/13/00)

1. Use the following heading:
Your name: Period: Date:
Name of book: Author of book:
Number of pages of book: Publisher:

2. Describe the setting of the story such as:
a. Where the story takes place?
b. Who the main characters of the story are?
c. What the story is about?
d. What conflict took place in the story?
e. How was the conflict resolved?

3. Critique the book by answering the following questions:
a. What was your favorite part of the book?
b. What was your overall opinion of this book?
c. Would you recommend it to other 9th grade students? Why
   or why not?
d. If you were to rewrite the story yourself, how might you
   change it?

4. Explain how your understanding of a particular region,
   country or culture has increased by reading this book:
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