cashmoneygurl "pRiNcEss" Elbony to yOu!!
aNdErSoN mIdDlE sChOoL (tHe pRePs)-yes i knOw sOaP iS dOpE
! wËLcØmÊ, wËLcØmÊ! tÖ ïM MY oWñ L¹L' r@ÎnBøW © !
                        (©= company)

    yEs- YeS yOu hAvE EnTeREd eLbOnYs wOnDeRlAnD pAlAcE!!
dOnT fOrGeT tO tRy mY bLuEs cLuEs qUiZ ( hOpE iT WoRkS)!
iM sPoNsOrEd bY nIkE aNd yEs i kNoW yOuR nOt *lOl*
aNd If yOu dOnT lIkE mY WeBsItE ..cOOl.. cUz i DoNt eIthEr =hehehe= oKaY bYe yOuR lOOzAhErS
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