casita Senor Wiltz
Northside High School Profesor de Espanol I y II
Hola Clase,

el 13-17 de marzo de  2000

Objetivo:  The student will learn vocabulary associated with team sports and other physical activities.  The student will also identify regular radical changing verbs.

1.  Exercises A and B p.182  Due/Wednesday, el 15 de marzo de 2000.
Workbook assignment Exercises A, B, and C  pp. 66-67

Find a picture of a well known person in the area of sports. Write a brief narrative about the individual. Include name, where the person is from and what sports he/she is involved.

2. Prueba para miercoles, el 15 de marzo de 2000.  Vocabulario --- Palabras I

3.  Examen para viernes, el 17 de marzo de 2000.
"La gente famosa"

Nota: Begin looking for pictures/information of places you would like to visit for the summer.

Estudie,Estudie,Estudie,Estudie,Estudie,Estudie,Estudie mucho.

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Regular -er and -ir verbs
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