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William Milton Davis Elementary School Davis Elementary 5th grade
Hello, Boys and Girls!  We are going to use this site for our class page until we are able to complete the one I showed you earlier in the year.  Check this site for important announcements about upcoming assignments.

Great job on the Dazzling Desserts! They stories are great, and the desserts themselves are fabulous!  I loved the "real things" too.

On Tuesday, Novemeber 16, I will be out all day for our final Webtech meeting at Kennesaw University.  On that day I will get to finish our class page, and hopefully I will add some of your work to our website.  Very soon we will be able to download that site at school so that it can be updated.

Don't for get that your Accelerated Reader book should be read by next week.  Do your part to make sure we reach our goal of 100 points!

Wednesday is our social studies test.  Remember to focus on the study guide I gave you.  Next stop in social studies...the Revolutionary War!

Mrs. Ragan and I were so impressed by your behavior and performance at the Veteran's Day Parade last week.  Thank you for representing our school so well.  Don't forget, "P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s won't be forgotten in the U.S.A."
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