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Keyboarding is in progress this 6 weeks, ending soon.

2nd 6 weeks  3 classes will be taking a career class called Career Connection.

Projects will be done in each class.  Students will need a small number of items to help complete their projects.

Parents and community are asked to be speakers and to allow students to job shadow at their place of business.  Please let us hear from you.

                       7th Grade Class

Directions for Career Activities - Choose a career that you are interested in or would like to know more about.

Go to the GCIS program - either on the hard drive or Internet
The Internet address for it is:
GCIS for windows or the DOS version may be used
All of the typing for these activities must take place in the classroom

I. Turn in a research paper including the following:

1. Write a description/overview of the chosen career
Must be thorough

2. List all (if less than 5) or at least 5 work activities

3. Wages (expected beginning)

4. Employment Outlook (What is the expected future of this job?)

5. Preparation - The education or training needed to get the job)

6. Advancement -  The chances of moving to a higher level while working at this job

7.  Bibliography - List at least two other places where you can find out more about this
8. Find a picture representing the job and insert it into your final paper.

An example of what your final paper should look may be found in the front of the room in a notebook.

II. Make a budget for your family that would be a good budget if you had this job.

The following information will be included in the budget:
a. Marital status
b. How many children
c. Salary
d. Spouse's salary
e. An ad from a newspaper representing the house/apartment you live in
f. Car payment
g. Food bill for household
h. Child care
i. Savings
j. miscellaneous

III. Write a letter requesting information about the job.

This letter will be written in the form of a business letter.

IV. Find an article related to the job. You may use a newspaper or magazine to find the article

This article can be anything that is concerning something involving the type of job you want.

V. Write three paragraphs about why you want this job.

This will be written in essay form.

VI. Write a letter to a college for information about what is offered there that will help you towards a degree in your chosen field.

This will be written in business letter form.
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