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Welcome to our site for extra practice exercises.  I will try to put up activities to help you learn vocabulary and grammar as we progress through this year.  You'll also find reminders of homework and up-coming projects.  I hope this helps you!

Upcoming Activities

(Dates given are due dates)

Montag, der 27. Maerz

Donnerstag, der 23. Maerz
Lest S. 200-201; erste Uebung, S. 201
Dienstag, der 21. Maerz
Quiz: Family and personal pronouns
write descriptions of 3 family members-age, appearance, things they like to do...
Freitag, der 17. Maerz
Lesestueck vocab: define
im Arbeitsheft: S.71-72 Uebungen 5-9
2 worksheets

Mittwoch, der 15. Maerz
Quiz: dialoge, irregular verbs,
Worksheet: family vocab

Montag, der 13. Maerz
      im Arbeitsheft:  S.70 ex 3, p.74 10,11
      write four activities and dates on which you will do
      them.  Be prepared to tell about these in class.

Donnerstag, der 9. Maerz
      im Buch    S. 198-199   Uebung 13-16
      Know the new irregular verbs!

Dienstag, der 29. Februar
       read pp. 164-166 and do ex. on page 166
       choose a situation on page 155 and write a ten    
       line dialoge based on it.

Freitag, der 25. Februar
quiz:  lesestuck, austria
p. 58 #26,27
Mittwoch, der 23. Februar

    im Buch:        S. 155 2. Uebung
                    S. 157    Uebung 23
                    S. 159    Uebung I
    im Arbeitsheft: S. 54     Uebung 3
                    S. 64   Uebung 17, 18
                    S. 68   Uebung 22

DON'T FORGET!  At any point, short pop quizzes are fair game. Esp. regarding plurals, and modal verbs.

The links below are to our practice sites
Viel Spaß!

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