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Coweta County School System Coweta County High School InTech
Agenda For Day 3 of InTech
Technology-Connected Lesson: The Elements and the Periodic Table
Sample Fact Cards
Create the Elements Database
Filling in the Elements Fact Cards: Helpful Hints
Create Your Own Fact Cards
Creating a Database in Access Step-by-Step
Access - Working In Table Mode
Blank Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram Example
Venn Diagram Step-by-step
Assessment Rubric: Elements Fact Cards & Venn Comparison
Technology-Connected Lesson: In Search of Boyle's Gas Law
Boyle's Gas Law Step-by-step
Robert Boyle and His Data
Sample Graphs - Boyle's Gas Law
Boyle's Gas Law Spreadsheet Questions (Supplemental Activity)
Assessment Checklist: Boyle's Gas Law
Technology-Connected Lesson: Charting Information from InfoNation
Charting InfoNation Data in Excel
Sample Graphs Using Excel
Funderstanding: About Learning Theories (2 copies)Reflection: Give One/Get One
Supplemental Activity: Murder Mystery
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chemical Elements
Learn the Elements
Periodic Table
Element Spelling
Learning the Elements
Know Your Elements Jeopardy
Useful links
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