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My Quia activities and quizzes
Sex Tarquinus and Lucretia Scavenger Hunt
Subjunctive Mood Review
Indicative and Subjunctive Verb Synopses
Independent Subjunctive Uses
Independent Subjunctives NLE Practice
Deliberative Subjunctive
2017 Tarquinus Superbus and Independent Subjunctive Uses TEST
2017 Tarquinus Superbus and Independent Subjunctive Uses TEST 2nd Take
Subjunctive Signal Words
Dependent Subjunctive Clauses: Fear, Indirect Command, Purpose and Result Clauses
Per 1 Purpose, Result,Fear and Indirect Command and Horatius Cocles
Practice VII Noun Clauses
2017 Period 1 Conditional, Noun, and Cum Clauses, Cloelia Test
All Clause Consolidation
Practice Clauses of Hindering, Doubting and Proviso Clauses
2017 Q1 Survey
Menenius Agrippa Derivatives and Grammar
Subjunctive Clauses
Subjunctive Subordinate/Dependent Clauses
Ecce: Subjunctive Clauses
Help for Identifying Subjunctive Usages
Mythology Mayhem II: A Collection of Monsters, Places, & Other Curiosities
Mythology Mayhem Part I:Gods & Goddesses from Olympus and Beyond
Period 1 2017 Doubt, Proviso, Hindering Clauses and Secession of Plebs Test
2017 Supine, Impersonal Verbs, Coriolanus, Cincinnatus and Cursus Honorum
Latin IV Hon. Purpose, Impersonal Verbs, Coriolanus and Cincinnatus
The Gauls Enter Rome
Founders of Western Civilization
Per 1 Latin IV Honors 2018 Midterm
Indefinite Pronouns and Indefinite Pronominal Adjectives(Exercises H& I)
2018 Pronouns Review
All about Rome's People and Places
UpperLevel Recommandations
2018 Gracchi Brothers, Pronouns, Roman Camp
NLE Prose
2020 Cicero and Oratory
DBG I.3 Short Analysis Questions
DBG. I Chapters 8-52 Reading Quiz
Caesar's DBG I.1-7 Test
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