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The first two six week periods have flown by in Kindergarten.  The children have adjusted easily to our full day schedule, and we are loving every minute.
During the second six weeks, we have worked on the letters Mm, Ii, Tt, Cc, Oo, and the digraph /sh/.  Our sight words have included:  is, said, we, are, and you.  In math, we have worked on patterns, number sets, numeral recognition, and locating numerals on a number line.  Science and social studies units have included fire safety, weather and seasons, night and day, changes in plants.  We have also started our Junior Achievement lessons. 
During the next six weeks, we look forward to working on the letters:  Ff, Rr, Pp, Ll, Uu and the digraph /th/.  Sight words to work on are:  have, to, me, go, and do.  We will work on decision making, traditions, and family customs in social studies.  Science activities will include living/non living organisms and nutrition.  We will be graphing, identifying and comparing sets to 20, and continuing our work on number lines.  In all curriculum areas, we work on writing skills-- both the hand writing and the phonetic sounding out of words.  We want to thank you for your continued support of our cooking activities, for sending great snacks, and for helping make our Kindergarten program the best it can be. 
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