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Robinson's Heroics Earn Dodgers Win

Ebbets field was at full capacity to see the Dodgers won their fourth straight yesterday on a game winning RBI single by Jackie Robinson. In the ninth inning, with Pee-Wee Reese on third, Robinson laced a single into right field to lift the Dodgers over the Giants in dramatic fashion by a score of 3-2.
Robinson went 4-5 in the game, increasing his league leading average to .350. He had a home run in the 3rd inning, two singles and a double, as well as two stolen bases. He continues to carry the Dodgers in their drive for the pennant.
Jackie Robinson has had a banner year, as he is second in stolen bases, first in batting average, and fourth in RBI. Despite adversity, he has arguably been the MVP to this point in the season.
Robinson, with his cool-headedness and his play, has won over many fans. "I love this guy," says Bruce Mathews, a 41-year old Dodgers fan. "He plays hard and wins ballgames. That's all you can ask."
Robinson was moved back to the second spot in the batting order yesterday. The Dodgers, desperately in need of speed at the top of the order, could use his base-stealing ability to score more runs.

Century Story Editorials (Jackie Robinson)

The Brooklyn Dodgers made the right decision, the only decision if you are in the organization or a true Dodger fan, by signing Jackie Robinson. To all the Robinson haters out there, ask yourselves this: can he help the Dodgers win the world series?
The answer, of course, is yes he is a tremendous player and athlete, and can help lead Brooklyn to the promised land. As a Dodger fan, I don't care as much about what our players look like as I do about the way they perform.
If you have asked yourself this question, and still decided to hate Jackie Robinson, you are not a Brooklyn Dodger fan. Any true fan would want this guy on the team because of what he brings to the table, no matter what his skin color is.
Robinson adds to the Dodgers a huge bat that they have needed for some time, provides the best base-runner in franchise history, and his fielding is solid. From a management standpoint, you can't pass on talent like this.
If you do not cheer for Robinson because he is black, then how can you appreciate what he does on the field? And if you don't appreciate what he does on the field, don't sit next to me and start cheering for the Dodgers, because you are not a true fan.

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