cfagleyeng Miss Fagley
Cranberry Area High School 9th grade English
Hello Everyone!

     Welcome!  I'm glad you took the time to visit me.  I hope this page offers you a lot of valuable information.  I tried to include something from each part of our curriculum throughout the year.  You should feel free to try any of the links at your leisure. 
      If you can think of anything else that might help, please email me about that information.
     You will also be able to get your weekly assignments from this page so that you can plan you week accordingly.   
                                                                     Enjoy your visit!
            Miss Fagley

  PS.  If you are a history buff, I also have a site for that class.  Go ahead and try your history knowledge...let me know how you do!   mfagley  is the name of my site.
Useful links
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