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Falcons recruiting Center Commander of the Carib Squadron
Welcome to the Carib test center.  This info guide will help you through the site.
*If you were sent here to take the test for the recruitiment, go to the test area and click
*If you are a Carib and are going to the Carib site, you are in the wrong site.  It is still under construction. 
*******You need to go to the part that says quiz session.  It will then ask u to give the session name.  Type in "squadron test session" in the blank..  It will also ask u to give ur name.  I want u to put in the zone name that u have. There is seven questions, 3 that I will grade, and four that I want so I can get to know you better.  When you finish the test, you will see a screen that says that have finished the test.  ZM me or email me, or ZM maverick so we can get the test done.  I will then grade it.
*Report back to the Zone when you are done, and give the score to either Maverick or Falcon.

Well, good luck.

The commander "Falcon"
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squadron test session
The quiz you need to take to be in the squadron.
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