chaffeel Mrs. Chaffee
Lakehoma Elementary Second grade teacher
January 8, 2001

We are on a move now!  Check your child's bag for a note about a book report due on February 5, 2001.  I have sent home more Highlights order form.  If you don't want to order any magazines, just mark no and sign it.  We will get free pencils for the class just for sending them home!!  Remember that we have changed our performance for the School Board to the February Board Meeting. We did an excellent job in Rise and Shine saying our Student Creed!

Our spelling words for this week are:: spin, bump, scrap, melt, smell, quest, art, cord, brush, shock, cook, cluster, drill, fuss, champ, are, said, says, want, what.  Our spelling test will be in dictation form.  We will have 6 sentences this week.
*Mom said not to spin or I will bump the table.
*The scraps of meat smell good when you cook them.
*I want to melt the butter.
*What kind of drill is this?
*The champ is on a quest to win.
*Why are you making a fuss?

In English we are learning about the helping verbs has and have.   We will learn that you use come, run, seen, gone, done, given in sentences with has or have.  You will use ran, came, saw, went, did, gave when you don't have has or have.

In Phonics we are learning the diagraphs ai & ay.  We are also learning about c making the /s/ sound and 10 additional sight words.

We are reading Swimmy in our Window to the Sky book.  Be sure to read this with your child.

In Science we are exploring the 9 planets!  We will be learning about each planet and researching it together for a class report.  We are really excited about this!

We are learning measurement in math.  On Friday, we will make a cherry cobbler.  Ask your child what they thought about it!  It can be an interesting experience.

Call me if you have any questions.  Everyone knows my number!
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