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Hi everyone,

Today our "quick write" might not be so quick!

We are going to take a look at what English language students around the world do to improve their writing, and participate! On the internet! By creating "virtual chain stories".

Read all of these instructions first, then:

Take a look at the site below.

1. This page is called "Chain Stories".  Click on "How to Write Chain Stories, so you know what they are about and how to participate.

2.  Read the stories that interest you.  (For my "space" fans, check out "Classroom with a Difference").
If you don't see a story you like, and want to start a new one, just tell me.

3.  Copy the part(s) of the story that you need to begin your section into a word document....and start writing!

4. Your instructions for sending the stories to my friend are under: "Instructions for submitting stories", but I will help you with that.

(It says you need to send this information:
Name(s) of student(s):
Which story:
Which version:
Send your version/continuation of the story to -

5.  Only a few sentences please, this time...just to give it a try!

6.  Don't forget: write! then check!
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