challenge Mrs. Hajovsky
Bear Creek Elementary Whiz Kid Instructor (Tuesdays)
Welcome to the Challenge Information Booth!!

This is the site where you will find upcoming events and important dates.  This site will be updated periodically. 

The Challenge classes are finishing up the unit on Law.  We will finish up the week prior to our Thanksgiving break.  Grades three, four and five will be involved in a mock trial
presentation sometime during the first weeks of December.

Our second unit of study will be Technology and the transition of the technology that we use in our day to day living.  We will also speculate as to what type of technology we might be using in the new millennium.

We are currently involved in screening and nomination of our kindergarten students.  If you know of any parent of a kindergarten student attending Bear Creek Elementary, please remind them to return their parent checklists.

We are also in the process of accepting nominations of current fifth graders for next year.  If you know of fifth grade parents whose children are not in Challenge but who would like to have their child screened for sixth grade, tell them to call the office and request a parent checklist.
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