challenge1 Mrs. Kelly
Nottingham Country Elementary School
We are studying about Bloom's Taxomony.  Today we used costumes for us and compared them with costumes for a pet or something else.  We used Scamper to make a costume for our pet, etc.  The costumes were made of paper plates, yarn, ribbon, paper, paper bags, straws, and white "peanut".  
These are the ones we came up with:
Rachel: I made a ballerina.  She can dance and hop on one foot.  She is wearing a necklace and a tutu.  She has on a special hat.
Andy: I made 2 masks.  I am going to use them to scare people.  They are just scary masks.  One is black, purple and white and the other one is red.  My big brother could also use them.
Kaitlin: I made a sheep's wool for my dog.  I used a paper sack and white "peanut" things.  I have a  poddle.  I will tie this on to her if I can get a hold of her.  She is quite stubborn at times.  I want her to be a sheep for Halloween.
Zachary: I inventing a new kind of crane.  It will be used to wreck buildings and also to put up things.  It isn't exactly a costume.
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