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Hello from
Craig, Lew, Stefan, Leo,
Jon- Eric,Todd,John,Leon,Cornell and Doug.
Lew Have you seen S-DOG?

Yankee game vs. Oakland August 10 12:05 we can see most of the game. Ding Ding....

Stefan and THE BIG DOG radio show live from Champion All Sports Academy
Monday- Friday 1:00pm
Special guest Rich "What am I Doing HERE?" Shapiro

Trophies will be given out on Friday July 7,2000

All "nickname" teams coming soon....

Whiffleball stadium= Rockie field
Go-carts and BMX bikes have been a nice addition to Champion.
The lunches have been great with the salad bar.

WEINBERG'S TOP Five phrases @ ALL SPORTS Champion Day Camp 1.Stefan we need you at box soccer with the AC's
2. Do I really need this now?
3. Craig "Is that pigeon s--- in Adam's hair?"
4. Where the "F" is Leo?
5. Do you have your ears on?
DING DING........
Check out the links for entertainment purposes only
See ya in a few days....
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