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Chapter 4:  European Empires in the Americas
              "A Conquistador's Journey"
                Due: December 22, 2000
      Early Bird(3 pts.): Due December 15, 2000
Bonus(2pts.):E-mail your questions and answers to the above adresses as an attachment in MS Word Format (save a back-up copy on a disk). 

After settling the Caribbean, the Spanish went on to conquer the Aztec and the Incan civilizations. Spain used wealth gained from these conquests to build up its military strength and to finance more explorations in the Americas. During the 1500s, Spain built a vast American empire. The northern part of the empire was known as New Spain. It included Central America, Mexico, part of South America, and some of the present-day United States. New Spain was divided into large estates, where landowners relied on Native Americans and enslaved Africans to the do the work of mining and farming. Spain also sent missionaries to the Americas to teach Christianity and Spanish culture to Native Americans.

The French and Dutch, who established settlements in the Americas after the late 1500s, were mainly interested in making profits from the fur trade. For this reason, they often made allies of the Native Americans instead of trying to change them.

This Activity:
In this chapter, you learned about how the Spanish became the first Europeans to explore extensively what is now the United States. One of those explorers was Hernando de Soto, who trekked through the nation's Southeast region. To learn more about the land he explored, log onto the Internet.

Destination Title: Florida History Web site
Note: Clicking on the link below will launch a new browser window.
Need help using your browser for this activity?

        Start at the Florida History Web site.
· Click on Where Conquistadors Traveled in America.
· Click on Press Here box on map.
· Click on the state of Georgia.
· Analyze the map of Georgia and scroll down
        to read the text.

Write the following questions and support your answers with supporting data.

1. What two states does the Chattahoochee River divide? 1pt.

2. What was unusual about the land of Yupaha, according to the boy Perico?2pts.

3. How did the explorers cross the Chattahoochee River? Why was it so difficult to cross? 3pts

4. Imagine you are the recording secretary for an explorer. What types of facts and details do you think would be important to record? 4 pts.

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