chapter9 Dr. Ray
Educational Psychology FOED 211  
Chapter Nine discusses the use of constructivism as a teaching methodology. The teaching methods affiliated with constructivism are identified in the beginning of the chapter. The use of technology is a component often found in constructivist classrooms. Schools for Thought is a formal constructivist program and this chapter clearly describes the origin and implication of this program. Read this chapter to learn more about this unique method of teaching and then follow the links provided to extend your knowledge. Chapter Eleven reviews strategies of motivation. Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation are reviewed and research indicates that intrinsic motivation is preferred as a means of establishing classroom climate. Review the links related to motivation in the classroom.

A quiz is attached to this web page. Please complete the five question quiz and print out your responses for Dr. Ray. You may try to email the quiz but be sure to print out your answers just in case. Write a short paragraph response to two of the web sites you review and email your response to Dr. Ray by Monday.
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