chase profesor shin
chri-stop-her!!!! profesor of love
my name is profesor shin shin, but you can call me chris.......
i live in richmond va.....i play the saxomophone in the band. and if i were a sandwich i would be a ham and cheese!!! well i think with the sandwich info you already knwo to much. so come back and maybe ill give you more info about me

ok i am, 6 foot.....short brown hair.....brown at my bros lindsays house fomr down the road....shes the coolest hick from in this hood. yeahhhhh haha no not realy. i go to freeman. and i ahev no  clue hwo to make a web i do this fake piece of shit instead!!!!!!. hard core!!! im goign out with leigh and shes kicks ass. shes so awesome! ummm this realy sucks, i dont knwo waht to right. so mayeb i can ramble on. oh hey melissa. i loved yoru xmas present. its in my back pocket as i type!!!!! well i have ntohgin to im goign to say goign to put on a quiz on this site later. sop come back!!!

HI LEIgH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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these are some fun words!!!!!
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quiz number one!!!!!
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