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January is going to be a review month and we will be testing for placement.  The subjects covered in the testing are:  Sign Language, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Reading, and Penmanship.  The rest of the subjects will be for review.  Dante-those tests are for you.

Planning for trips and extra studies will begin the second week of January, so make a list and check it twice.  Also, I would like to see what you think of this site.  Let me know how many of these words you recognize.

We are going to start planning for next years holiday season early this year.  See what you would like to do and write a short paper for me before Febuary.

Tests will take about two hours every day.  So, if you want to watch Digimon-you had better get up early.

I added a lot of links to games.  You have to go to them to see what they are for.  Let me know if any are too hard.  Save the ones you really like to your favorites folder.
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