chaskett Mrs. Haskett
Katy Jr. High Math 8 - Academic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
Welcome to M.A.T.H. (Math According To Haskett).  I am so pleased that you are visiting my web page!

• All students need to check their supply list to make sure that they are coming to class each day prepared.  The supplies you need are listed on your pink "Haskett's How-To's" page that should be at the front of your math notebook.  
• Avoid 0's by completing your assignment each night.
• When you need extra help, please come to my tutorials on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  
Academic and Pre-Algebra:  2:40 - 3:10
Algebra:  3:10-3:40
• My conference period: M, T, and W:  9:50 - 10:36
Th and F:  9:26 - 10:15

My academic classes have finished an introduction to proportions and percents.  These topics will be re-visited and expanded later in the year.  This week, we will begin working with statistics and interpreting and making different types of graphs.  Near the end of this six weeks, we will begin a study of geometric figures.

The pre-Algebra classes just completed a unit on one-operation equations and inequalities.  They will now begin Chapter 5, which is the study of rational numbers (positive and negative fractions and decimals).  At the end, these numbers will be used in equations and inequalities, giving us another chance to practice those skills.

My algebra students are now able to solve equations with variables on both sides.  Our next unit, Chapter 4, involves the use of proportions and percents in algebraic equations.

I appreciate my students' smiles, greetings, and great attitudes. I truly enjoy getting to know each of you, so try to find time to visit with me!
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