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Finch Elementary by Mrs. Snell - 3rd Grade
    What an excellent turn out we had for our Open House/Technology Expo!  The children and I were so excited to share our projects with you!  They were especially proud of their Geometry booklets and their Simile slide shows
(both done on Power Point).  Thank-you all for coming.

    The following is an overview of what will be happening in our classroom during the week of April 3-7.

Math: We will continue our work with decimals.
(In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult math concepts we teach in third grade.) We will continue to reemphasize previously learned skills, as well, in preparation for the TAAS test.

Reading: A continuation of literature and activities related to the rainforest.  Some students may begin research on an animal or product of the rainforest, using the internet. (SEE SCIENCE)

Technology: A visit of the MISD Web site, The Chatter Box web page, and an on line-game created by Mrs. Snell.

Spelling: Rebecca Sitton spelling...ongoing.

Science: Due to the crunch of trying to get our Geo Panes ready for Open House, we will be conducting our rainforest-related experiments this week.  Students are being asked to bring a label from a product of the rainforest.  These are due by Wednesday.  More information regarding specific products can be found in your child's agenda.

- Don't forget to read and sign your child's agenda.
- Homework is given 3-4 times a week, without fail.
- If you have a spare moment, review mathematic facts with
  your child.
- Make sure that your child READS, READS, READS!
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