DE Statistics
Marion Senior High School Math Instructor
Overview: Statistics is a college level course that will require more work than regular high school classes to be successful. It may require some students to spend 2 hours studying (or doing homework) each night. It is a fall block dual enrollment (DE) course with Wytheville Community College (WCC), after which students can elect to take an advanced placement (AP) exam in the spring. By successfully completing DE Stats you will get credit for Math 241 and 242, a total of 6 credit hours. Combined with AP and other DE classes, some students can be taking more than a standard freshman's (credit hour) load.

Khan Academy is providing material (in concert with AP Central) on AP Statistics. Please click here to see what additional material they have.

Class needs: You will need a three-ring binder, notebook paper and pencils or pens for every class. I will supply student notes and handouts that you will need to keep in the three-ring binder. You will be issued a TI-84 calculator for the class that you will also have to have with you every day. If you would like to get your own calculator, it should be the TI-84 (plus or silver edition) as they have the easiest statistical package to use.

Class Rules and Grading procedures: click here

Homework solutions (from the back of the textbook or notes) for each lesson are provided to help you compare your answer with the book's answers. They are not provided as a substitute for doing your homework.

Frappies are real AP Statistics Free Response Questions and are given as take-home quizzes. They are based on Jason M. Molesky's concept from his Stat Monkey web site, which has lots of great resources.

Monthly Outside Class AP Review Sessions: TBD in the spring if any interest

If you are having trouble, come in and see me. Don't fall behind.

Current Assignments:

  • Lesson Schedule for December
  • Week at a Glance for: 11 - 15 Dec
  • Upcoming due dates, quizzes and tests
    • Turn in missing work and test corrections ASAP
    • Take home test on Friday for NonParametrics, ANOVA and Multiple Regression
    • In class (closed book/notes) test on same subjects on Monday
    • Math 242 Final exam on 18 Dec

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 ANOVA - Analysis of Variance Chapter 14 Multiple Regression
  • PDF file of Student Notes passed out in class (455KB)
  • Power Point Lesson Slides to go along with the Student Notes and Homework solutions in Word file:
Chapter 15 Sullivan Non-Parametric Statistics

In order to view the lessons you either need MS Office or to download the free powerpoint viewer (2007 version 25MB), click here
Microsoft discontinued the smaller, older copy (2003 version 2.8 MB), but CNET still has a copy, click here

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