Geometry in Parts
Marion Senior High School Math Instructor
Welcome to Geometry in parts! We will cover the same material as a regular Geometry section, but at a slower pace.

Geometry is a course that puts together a lot of material previously introduced in grade school math and algebra. A part of Geometry is learning new words, so keep up on your vocabulary. Another part of Geometry is solving very basic algebra problems, so if your algebra skills are weak the you need to see me to get some extra work to improve those skills. Another part of Geometry is logic and with it many SOL questions become a choice between only 2 answers instead of 4.

Class needs: You will need a three-ring binder, notebook paper and pencils or pens for every class. I will supply student notes, worksheets and handouts that you will need to keep in your three-ring binder.

If you are having trouble, come in and see me. Don't fall behind.

Current Assignments:

  • Lesson Schedule for May
  • Week at a Glance: None
  • Due dates and Upcoming quizzes and tests
    • Turn in make-up work ASAP
    • Review for Final Exam Monday and Tuesday
    • Fourth period Exam on Thursday

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In order to view the lessons you either need MS Office or to download the free powerpoint viewer (2007 version 25MB), click here
Microsoft discontinued the smaller, older copy (2003 version 2.8 MB), but CNET still has a copy, click here

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