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Marion Senior High School Math Instructor
Note: this page is active for students and teachers in other sections. I do not have any AFDA sections this year and will not be updating the files linked here unless a teacher or student points out a mistake.

Welcome to my Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis (AFDA) Class. It is a bridging course between Algebra I and Algebra II. This is activity driven course and students must keep up with the activities in class and the homework in order to do well in the course. I feel that everyone who is willing to work hard can pass it. While some students can pass without working, most who do not work will end up wasting their opportunity to learn and might have to repeat the course.

AFDA covers lots of topics, but does not go very deep into any of them. All Activities will be posted to the web-site (follow the link below) for students to review or if they miss the class. For students without a computer at home, they can use the computers in the library before or after school.

Class needs: You will need a three-ring binder, notebook paper and pencils or pens for every class. I will supply student notes and handouts that you will need to keep in your three-ring binder. TI-83/84 calculators will be needed in class and to do a lot of the homework.

Class Rules and Grading procedures: click here
Information sheet that parents and students sign indicating that they have read the class rules: click here

If you are having trouble, come in and see me. Don't fall behind.

Current Assignments:

  • Lesson Schedule for May
  • Week at a Glance for: 15 - 19 May
  • Upcoming due dates, quizzes and tests
    • All Make-up work must be turned in NLT the day of the final exam.
    • Final Prep MC due on Monday before school for seniors
    • Chapter 5 Test Corrections due day of Final Exam
    • Final Exam for Seniors on Tuesday
    • Final Exam for underclass on Thursday afternoon

  • To retake any Gateway click here

Algebra Functions Data Analysis Lessons and Materials

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

In order to view the lessons you either need MS Office or to download the free powerpoint viewer (2007 version 25MB), click here
Microsoft discontinued the smaller, older copy (2003 version 2.8 MB), but I CNET still has a copy, click here

Special thanks to Kuta Software for their free worksheets which I cut up to make some of the worksheets on this page.

Note to AFDA teachers: if you need the source documents to any of the files please contact me. I have updated a lot of the files and will be getting them out as soon as I can.

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