cheaperbythedozen JonR.Shivers
Christian Brothers High School student
Cheaper By the Dozen
              by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr.
    This book is about Frank Gilbreth and his family. The story takes place in Montclair, New Jersey but they spent their summers in Nantucket.  Mr. Gilbreth was a professor who specilized in time saving. He was the father of twelve children and they were all read heads.He ran his household like he did in the classroom.  He took even the simplest task and made them into time saving procedures. Mrs. Gilbreth was not as much as a taskmaster as her husband and took everything with much less anxiety than her husband did.  He had a checklist for anything to do.  The kids would have to do everything on this checklist in order for them to play.  As Mr. Gilbreth wife said "He blows things out of proportion."
    Mr.Gilbreth often went on trips so when he came home the kids were very happy because he always brought them a gift.  He also loved to play tricks on people and tell jokes.  But he did not like jokes and tricks on him, but after a while he would laugh at them.  This family had many adventures.  How they all survive such escapades such as forgetting Frank Jr. in a roadside restaraunt or one of the girls going on a first date having Mr. Gilbreth in the backseat.  The big thing is to imagine having your tonsils removed en masse.  I think that this is a great book and everyone should read it.
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