cheaters13 slim shady
go to a level with scientists on secret agent or 00agent. (facility,silo,caverns)
shoot a scientist in the hand and foot he'll shoot at you. Wait long enough and he'll pull out a hand grenade
you need all guns infinite ammo and go to the statue, meet alec. when he says "Drop your weapon throw a timid mine at him and get unarmed he'll die an say "Theres a good fellow"
go to the statue go to miskin and his men when they get Natalya. kill Natalya. The guard will point their guns at miskin
go to the door that goes to the bottling room open it and look at alec. kill him you won't fail
007 MODE
after beating every stage. (Including the hidden Aztec and Eqpytion) on 00agent diffulcult settings you'll get a special 007 mode which configs enemy health, enemy damage,enemy accurcy,enemy reaction speed.
put on level override on the gameshark. Go to the cradle on single(invincible helps). Go to the circle thingy on where you fight alec jump off it. You'll go to a place where there's nothing your just walking on air!!!!!
GET TO THE TOP OF THE TOWER ON THE ISLAND. With this code you can go to the top of the tower. Get the cheat no-clipping for the dam and go about a little to the left of the first tower and then press L&R and walk to the island duck down then walk in the tower and your there! In the top of it!!!                    
go to the streets and capture a civilian, After awhile he'll do a funky dance.

game shark
People have been to this Gamshark site since 03-21-98
Gameshark device and codes
          A GameShark is a device for inputing codes to beat games easier and getting other cheats. It can be bought for about $50 form the list below. A GameShark really defeats the challenge of any game, unless you are really bad at playing a game, like Goldeneye.
Here are places where you can buy A GAMESHARKfor about $50Babbage's/Software Etc., Beamscope, Best Buy, Buy Back Games, Circuit City, Diamond Multimedia, Digital Stuff, Electronics Boutique, Fry's Electronics, Future Shop, GTS Acquisitions, Hills Dept. Stores, Ingram Entertainment, K-Data, Kay-Bee, Kmart, Lodgenet, Mecca Electronics, Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penney, Microware, Midwest Video, Musicland Group, Multimicro, Nobody Beats Wiz, PC Richard, Sears, ShopKo Stores, Software Etc., Sound Disk-Tributors, Star Video Games, Tandy, Target, The Good Guys, Toys R Us, US-1 America.
Code                                      Effect
810D303C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810D304E 0000
800D37FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800D37F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800D37F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810D303C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810B643C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810B644E 0000
800B6BFF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B6BF3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B6BF5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810B643C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810D943C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810D944E 0000
800B9BFF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B9BF3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B9BF5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810D943C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810B3C3C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810B3C4E 0000
800B43FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B43F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B43F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810B3C3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810C683C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810C684E 0000
800C6FFF 0007                    Infinite Ammom
800C6FF3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800C6FF5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810C683C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810E5C3C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810E5C4E 0000
800C6FFF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B07F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B07F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810E5C3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810B3C3C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810B3C4E 0000
800B43FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B43F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B43F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810B3C3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810C543C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810C544E 0000
800B43FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800C5BF3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800C5BF5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810C543C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810D6C3C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810D6C4E 0000
800D73FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
810D6C3C 3F80                    Infinite Health
800D73F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810D6C3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810C043C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810C044E 0000
800C0BFF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800C0BF3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800C0BF5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810C043C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810CCC3C 3F8O                    Infinite Health
810CCC4E 0000
800CD3FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800CD3F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800CD3F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810CCC3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810B003C 3F80                    Infinite Health
810B004E 0000
8100B07FF 0007                    Infinite Ammo
800B07F3 00A5                    Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800B07F5 0001                    Harmless Bond
810BOO3C 3C80                    Weak Bond
810D943C 3F80                    P1 Infinite Health
810D944E 0000
800D9BFF 0007                    P1 Infinite Ammo
800D9BF3 00A5                    P1 Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800D9BF5 0001                    Player One Harmless
810C543C 3F80                    P1 Infinite Health
810C544E 0000
800C5BFF 0007                    P1 Infinite Ammo
800C5BF3 00A5                    P1 Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800C5BF5 0001                    Player One Harmless
810CCC3C 3F80                    P1 Infinite Health
810CCC4E 0000
800CD3FF 0007                    P1 Infinite Ammo
800CD3F3 00A5                    P1 Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire
800CD3F5 0001                    Player One Harmless
800211DF 0001                    Distortion, 2D characters
800214DF FFFF                    Graffiti
80021666 FFFF                    See-through
80021007 FFFF                    Ultra Graphics Mess Up
8002188E FFFF                    Ultra Graphics Mess Up 2
8002138A FFFF                    Ultra Graphics Mess Up 3
8002128F FFFF                    Ultra Graphics Mess Up 4
8002118A FFFF                    Rare Logo
80069653 0001                    All Guns
8006965A 0001                    Bond Invisible
8006965C 0001                    DK Mode
8006966C 0001                    Enemy Rockets
8006966A 0001                    Fast Animation
8006965B 0001                    Infinite Ammo
80069652 0001                    Invincible
80069657 0001                    Line Mode
80069667 0001                    No Radar (Multi)
8006965F 0001                    Paintball Mode
8006966B 0001                    Slow Animation
8006965E 0001                    Tiny Bond
80069668 0001                    Turbo Mode
8006966E 0001                    2X Grenade L.
80069671 0001                    2X Hunting Knife
80069672 0001                    2X Laser
8006966F 0001                    2X RC-P90
8006966D 0001                    2X Rocket L.
80069670 0001                    2X Thowing Knife
80069665 0001                    Gold PP7
80069663 0001                    Golden Gun
80069662 0001                    Laser
80069661 0001                    Magnum
80069664 0001                    Silver PP7
800696A4 0001                    Max Ammo
80069659 0001                    2X Armor
80069658 0001                    2X Health
80069660 0001                    10X Health
8002114F 0001                    Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 1
8002114B 0001                    Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 2
8002114D 0001                    Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 3
8002114C 0001                    Rainbow/Spectrum Graphics 4
8002118B FFFF                    Madness in DAM
Multiplayer Codes
8002B537 000B                    Play Egyptian Level w/ 4 Players
8002B537 000A                    Play Caverns Level w/ 4 Players
8002B537 0009                    Play Archives Level w/ 4 Players
8002B537 0008                    Play Bunker Level w/ 4 Players
Destroy Almost EVERYTHING Codes
800D3B84 0001                    DAM
800B6F84 0001                    FACILITY
800D9F84 0001                    RUNWAY, SURFACE, DEPOT
800B4784 0001                    BUNKER 1, SILO, BUNKER 2
800C7384 0001                    FRIGATE
800E6784 0001                    SURFACE 2
800C5F84 0001                    STATUE
800CD784 0001                    ARCHIVES, CAVERNS, CRADLE, EGYPTIAN
800D7784 0001                    STREETS
800C0F84 0001                    TRAIN, JUNGLE, CONTROL
800B0B84 0001                    AZTEC
880---D3 00XX Weapon Modifier
Replace --- with the following #'s
D37 - Dam
B43 - Bunker 2
B6B - Facility
C5B - Statue
D9B - Runway, Surface, Depot
CD3 - Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian
B43 - Bunker 1, Silo
D73 - Streets
C6F - Frigate
COB - Train, Jungle, Control
E63 - Surface 2
BO7 - Aztec
Replace XX with the following #'s
01 - Fist
12 - Magnum
02 - Fighting Knife
13 - Golden Gun
03 - Throwing Knife
14 - Silver PP7
04 - PP7
15 - Gold PP7
05 - Silenced PP7
16 - Laser
06 - DD44 Destrovel
17 - Watch Laser
07 - Klobb
18 - Grenade Launcher
08 - KF7 Soviet
19 - Rocket Launcher
09 - ZMG 9mm
20 - Tank
10 - Auto Shotgun
21 - Breifcase Bomb
11 - Sniper Rifle
22 - Plastique
8002A8FB 00XX                    Beating Level
          Put in the XX digits for the level you want to beat, and select a level you can already beat normally. You must use the same difficulty level as the one you want to get the cheat for. (The person who sent the code in wasn't very clear about this... but it's either for the level with the cheat you want or the level you're playing.) It may say you failed mission objectives, but it should still come out okay.
01 - Dam
11 - Streets
02 - Facility
12 - Depot
03 - Runway
13 - Train
05 - Surface #1 15 - Jungle
06 - Bunker #1
16 - Control
08 - Silo
17 - Caverns 0A - Frigate
18 - Cradle
0C - Surface #2 1A - Aztec
0D - Bunker #2
1C - Exgyptian
0F - Statue
800696A1-0001                    More Characters for Multiplayer *
* More characters for multiplayer:
          First, make sure you have at least one cheat enabled already. Enter 800696A1-0001 as your code, and start the game up. Okay, now pay attention; go to the cheats folder, exit the folder, go to the level select folder, and select the dam. Press start and abort the mission promptly. Go into multiplayer, and you'll have more guys to choose from! I recognized some of the video game staff from the new guys, like Ken Lobb. A couple of notes: there may be a simpler way to do the code, but I haven't found it. As f More in-game cheats: (Note: For the other codes there will be a "NO NAME" code in the cheat options, so turn on the code and, voila, you have the codes.)
Get Cheat Menu Codes Easily And Permanently
          Note: When you put in these codes they will appear as "No Name" codes in your Cheat Menu Options. Activate them and start a mission. The game will beep. Go back to the Cheat Menu Options. Now you will have a new cheat that will stay there without the GameShark. The "No Name" code will disappear and the new cheat will remain when you start the game without the gameshark.
The base code to use is 800696XX 0001
Replace the XX, with the following:
73 Paintball Mode
74 Invincible
75 DK Mode
76 2X Grenade Launcher
77 2X Rocket Launcher
78 Turbo Mode
79 No Radar
7A Tiny Bond
7B 2X Throwing Knives
7C Fast Animation
7D Bond Invisible
7E Enemy Rockets
7F Slow Animation
82 Infinite Ammo
83 2X RC-P90s
86 All Guns
80 Silver PP7
84 Gold PP7
81 2X Hunting Knives
85 2X Laser
80069669 0001                    Debug Mode
800XXXB9 00F7                    Silver Hand
800XXX33 0001                    Earthquake Mode
Replace XXX with the following #'s
D37 - DAM
E63 - SURFACE #2
Working Codes, and still beat the level
8002CE44 0030                    Bullet Proof Bond
80030B20 0030
8002CE40 0030                    Enemy Can't Aim
80030B1C 0030
80030B28 0042                    Extra Ammo
8002CE48 0048                    Weak Enemies
8002B197 0040                    More Multiplayer Characters (same as the real code)
8002114E 0001                    Red Enemys
8002114F FFFF                    Infered Preditor Mode
800218DF 0001                    Broken Glass Mode
800211BF 0001                    Messed Up Enemys
800210F5 00F6                    Invisible Characters
800212dF 0001                    Holes in the Wall Mode
Menu Cheats
CheatCodeInvincible80069652 0001All Guns80069653 0001Bond Invisible8006965A 0001Infinite Ammo8006965B 0001Tiny Bond8006965E 0001Paint Ball Mode8006965F 0001DK Mode8006965C 0001Turbo Mode80069668 0001Enemy Rockets8006966C 0001Slow Animation8006966B 0001Fast Animation8006966A 0001Couger Magnum8006966D 0001Military Laser80069662 0001Golden Gun80069663 0001Silver PP780069664 0001Gold PP780069665 00012x Hunting Knives80069671 00012x Throwing Knives80069670 00012x RC-P908006966F 00012x Military Laser80069672 00012x Grenade Launcher8006966E 00012x Rocket Launcher8006966D 0001
These codes allow you to choose any level and weapon you want to use for that level. The only problem is, you are stuck with that weapon the whole level and you can only have one turned one at a time. But how would you like to fire Silenced D5k Detuche bullets out of your hand or Golden Bullets with your knives?!
How to enter the code as fallows: 880@@@D3 00## ---> Replace the "@@@" with the desired level and the "##" with your weapon.
Weapon Cheats
WeaponCodeHand01Hunting Knife02Throwing Knife03PP704Silenced PP705DD44 Dosovei06Klobb07KF7 Soviet08ZMG 9mm09D5K Detuche0ASilenced D5K Detuche0BPhantom0CAR33 Asault Rifle0DRC-P900EShotgun0FAuto Shotgun10Sniper Rifle11Couger Magnum12Golden Gun13Silver PP7 14Gold PP715Military Laser16Watch Laser16Grenade Launcher18Rocket Launcher19Grenade1ATimed Mines1BPhantom1CRemote Mines1DDetonator1ETaser1FTank20Briefcase Bomb21Plastique22Old Grenade Launcher23
LevelCodeDamD37FacilityB6BRunwayD9BSurface 1D9BBunker 1B43SiloB43FrigateC6FSurface 2E63Bunker 2B43StatueC5BArchivesCD3StreetsD73DepotD9BJungleCOBControlCOBCavernsCD3CradleCD3AztecBO7EgyptianCD3
Play in Egypt, Archives, bunker, and Caverns!:
Input the following codes into your Game Shark accessory for your Nintendo 64. These codes will allow you to play the following levels in multi player mode.
Egyptian Level 8002b537000b
Caverns Level 8002b537000a
Archives Level 8002b5370009
Bunker Level 8002b5370008
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