checkwork Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty
Checklist and Grading Scale for Written Work

1.  Is each sentence comprehensible?
2.  Is each paragraph comprehensible?
3.  Does each sentence communicate something important?
4.  Is the vocabulary interesting and appropriate?
5.  Did you check and correct for capitalization?
6.  Did you check and correct for punctuation?
7.  Did you check and correct your spelling?
8.  Did you check every sentence for correct sentence structure?
9.  Did you check every sentence and the whole paragraph for correct grammar?
10.  Does your work show that thought carefully about this assignment, and invested time and effort in completing it?
11.  Did you address the assignment (do what was asked for)?
12.  Is the paragraph fluent?
13.  Is the paragraph relevant?
14.  Did you include your "reflections" in a separate paragraph on this assignment: Did you reflect on which area of writing you have had difficuly with, and how you worked on this area for this assignment?
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