cheerdms Mrs. Youngblood
  8th grade cheerleading sponsor
Bring any work out tape you have for practices. 

Upcoming pep rallies:
4/6 (wear uniform)

Spirit Winners:
Jan. 18 Game
Best Smile- Sarah Calodney
Best Jumps- Larissa Hayes and Morgan Orenstein
Loudest- Mallory Brenner

Jan. 25 Game
Best Smile- Brenda Appeah
Best Jumps- Laurie Bolene
Loudest- Morgan Orenstein

Feb. 1 Game
Best Smile- Sarah Patton
Best Jumps- Tanya Yarbrough and Cari Cummings
Best Spirit- Tanya Yarbrough
Loudest- Cassy Summerlin

Feb. 8 Game
Best Smile- Mallory Brenner and Meredith McAuliff
Loudest- Laurie Bolene
Best Jumps- Sarah Calodney and Tanisha Parker
Best Tumbling- Larissa Hayes and Morgan Orenstein
Best Spirit- Brenda Appiah and Sarah Patton

Great effort, girls!
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